Colonel's Academy Foundation


At Colonel's children get Roots to Grow & Wings to Fly !

Colonel's Academy in Shahjahanpur is an Exclusive Foundation School in Shahjahanpur where children get roots to grow and wings to fly. Children’s minds are sharpened, energy channelized and potential fully developed through a variety of purposeful activities. Through these activities- children grow up realising their capabilities and potential. Academy encourages the development of each child as an individual by providing security and warmth, emphasising self discipline more than authority and encouragement rather than punishment.

Director Speaks

At Colonel’s every child enjoys learning and realises the joy of discipline. They grow with confidence and self esteem to become the persons they dream of.

Mrs. Neela Choudhary


Colonel’s is every child's Dreamland

Colonel's with colourful, attractive and well designed surroundings is really a child’s dreamland. Our teachers are carefully chosen, having aptitude and willingness to teach the young children. They love teaching, they love kids and they love Colonel’s  resulting in dynamic, challenging, interesting and excitement filled atmosphere. 

An Exclusive Foundation School

Class Pre Nursery to KG

Learning, Striving & Achieving

All Greatest Achievements in this world
once started from the mind of a single person.

And every person was once a little child.

At Colonel’s we realised that and set exacting standards for our children.

At Colonel's children are Learning, Striving & Achieving